reflection week 25

Daily action plan 



Monday 7th March

site analysis

SITE: Where is it? Why am I interested in this place? Any historical/topographical/geographical info? 

My home, I am deconstructing this space to understand the idea of 'sense of place' and what I believe home is, so that I can apply these concepts to another space. In this way, I can take the concept of nostalgia and my own history into another space. 

SCALE: What exact space/building have you identified? What is the size of the space/building in relation to context? 

The scale is not very important with my site, as I am extracting the elements that I feel are important so that I can apply them to a smaller place. It will be interesting to see how this works. 

USER: Who is there? Why? When? 

I want to look at community and the people within my own village, to assess how this idea of community can be made more mobile. 


To do for Wednesday;

  • Mapping
  • Add site visit research to workflow
  • Zoom into specific part of site - apply concept
  • consider materials  


To do today; Mapping, add site visit research to workflow, zoom into specific part of site - apply concept, consider materials.

Laoura gave these things for us to of today as a guideline, however mapping and zooming into a specific part of the site is not appropriate for me at this stage of my project, so instead, I spent today thinking about how I could make my more conceptual site model. I decided to gather as much information as I could today on my 'sense of place' and my home, so I could make a model of this on Wednesday. I will ask Laoura for some advice on how to create what I have in mind. When it comes to materials however, I feel as though colour neutral materials will be more appropriate, such as card, and clear plastics, wood etc. 





Development models - Consideration of materials and making methods. Technical, theoretical and practical problem solving. 

10:30- In pairs, discuss work so far, how this could be applied to a model, and how it could influence concept. - Matthew Springett Associates and CJ Lim models. 

11:00-Sketchbook, plan what i'm making - annotate with materials to be used

11:30-3:30 - Use workshops for model making - document making process. Use notebook to record technical solutions.

3:30- Photograph model, work on A2 sheets, for idea development/visualisations. Explore design possibilities. What happens there? Who may inhabit the space? When? Why?

I found today really useful as it allowed me to get my thoughts into a 3D model, which I always find useful. Although I did not get as far as I wanted, I have the frame for my model, which I can work on. Taking inspiration from the presentation earlier, what struck me most were the models from CJ Lim and Matthew Springett associates. I liked how these were more conceptual site models and less factual, as my idea is not very site-specific at the moment, I was very inspired by their work as it gave a different view of a site model.  I wanted my model to represent 'home' to me and all of the elements involved that I believe create my 'sense of place'. I kept the base/form quite minimal, only using simple materials such as tracing paper, drawing, and transparent acrylic, to ensure that when I add the other elements, I am not distracting the main elements by what is not necessarily important. I look forward to finishing this piece and developing the idea further. 

download.php?file=1945198&view=183208&embedded=1&textbox=1923201 download.php?file=1945201&view=183208&embedded=1&textbox=1923201


Thursday 10th March

ReThink workshop 

Plan for the day

10:50- In 3's, introduce project

11:20- SCAMPER task

12:30- Visualise 3-10 solutions

2:00- Present ideas in 3's



Initially I found today's workshop quite frustrating as after speaking to Laoura on Monday and Wednesday, I felt as if I had a lot to get on with, however I was happy to participate as I saw how useful it could potentially be. We began by going through our projects with a partner. I always find this useful as I have trouble articulating my ideas verbally although I know what is going on in my head, I have developed a technique of writing down my main points that o feel are essential to get across and work from those. I did this and it tworked well.

Unfortunately when speaking to my partner about their work I don't feel like I got enough information from them to fully understand their proposal. I tried to work with this as well as I could. 

However initially frustrated I was with this workshop, it was quite nice to look at someone else's project as if it was ours. I felt as if it broke me out of thinking too deeply about my own project, and forced me to think more broadly about something else. I then applied the same thinking to my own project, and found that I thought about things differently to how I usually do. 

However, my partner had to leave halfway through the idea development session so I could not fully complete the workshop. This was quite frustrating as I felt I put in a lot of work into their project to not receive much back. I have posted the feedback I got below. 





Feedback from tutorial with Alastair;

  • You need to get everything printed out!
  • There is not much to mark
  • You need to settle on a site(s)
  • Test by applying your 'memory/ to different sites. 


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