Action Plan


My aim over the next two weeks is to establish possible locations for my proposal in London, to then explore these sites and how I could insert a proposal. Next I would look at form and how i could integrate this into the site. Then find appropriate materials to ultimately have a final design by the end of the week to show to the tutors when we return for easter. 


  1. Site
  2. Form
  3. Design ideas
  4. Test/research materials
  5. Final design idea
  6. Translate this into a model
  7. A2 design sheet on all of the above


Unfortunately I did not achieve all that I aimed to over the holidays as I didn't plan for how busy my personal life would be this holiday. However, I managed to prioritise what was most important in order to complete a model in time for photo sessions. I realised that there was not enough time to look into possible locations for my proposal, so I did research into areas of london that are in danger of flooding, and designed in mind these areas, instead of one specific area. I believe that this will be somehow beneficial, as my proposal will not be site specific, therefore making it more mobile and applicable to more locations, potentially worldwide. I did however manage to research into materials and develop a solid form that I could show to tutors next week in order to make a model in time. Although I did not get all the work that I planned to get done this easter, this will give me an opportunity to rethink and replan the next two weeks more specifically in order to get my work done in time. 


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