'Natures own method'

A cocoon is a casing spun of silk by many caterpillars, and numerous other holometabolous insect larvae as a protective covering for the pupa.






I have been inspired by the shape of the cocoon for this project, as it acts as a temporary home and shelter for insects. I think this idea relates well to my projects concept, and has inspired the development of the form it will take. As it has with many architects below. 


flux cocoon - allegory^ 


The Cocoon by AA Design & Make^  

Details >

'NOX is one of these rare offices that produces architecture as well as art. We don't do them separately; we do both in  a working day. And we mix them up too. We feel architecture is in desperate need of beauty, feelings and moods. Architecture more than ever has entered a state of cold minimalism, blind traditionalism and mindless materialism.'

The D-Tower is a project where the intensive (feelings, qualia) and the extensive (space, quantities) start exchanging roles, where human action, color, money, value, feelings all become networked entities.

The panels are insulated with milled styrofoam then covered with epoxy. The fact that the double curved structure still has repetition in it (some panels repeat four times, others two or three, some are unique) makes non-standard affordable without reducing it to flat planes and cilinders.


Frei Otto - Soap bubbles 

 “The computer can only calculate what is already conceptually inside of it; you can only find what you look for in computers. Nevertheless, you can find what you haven’t searched for with free experimentation.”

I usually am not a fan of the form that Frei Otto's work takes. However, I was very interested in these soap bubble experimentations, as not only does it link well to my work on inflation, it related to the cocoon structure also. I particularly liked the more spherical shapes these models made, in contrast to the usual more sharp forms. 



Will Alsop

My work experience with Will Alsop at All Design has inevitably influenced my design ideas, as I particularly like the way in which he takes a more artful, playful approach to the forms of his buildings. I wish to do similar in my work, as I feel the more circular 'blob' like forms and bright colours are very refreshing and interesting. 




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