a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession.

a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

Buckminster Fuller


Better Living Through Buckminster Fuller?s Utopian Designs


For half of a century, Fuller developed many ideas, designs and inventions, particularly regarding practical, inexpensive shelter and transportation. 


 ?Dymaxion Dwelling Machine,? a cheaply mass-producible, naturally heated and cooled, nearly maintenance-free, easily modifiable, and, of course, round housing solution. The satisfied resident of Fuller?s future would drive to and from his Dymaxion House, along with ten passengers, in his aerodynamic Dymaxion Car, capable of reaching 90 miles per hour at 30 miles to the gallon. And no matter where he drove, he could find his way with the Dymaxion Map (also known as the ?Fuller Projection map?), the only flat whole-earth map with no visual distortions in its representation of what Fuller called Spaceship Earth.





The Walking City, Living Pod and the Instant City



'Archigram was an avant-garde architectural group formed in the 1960s - based at the Architectural AssociationLondon - that was neofuturistic, anti-heroic and pro-consumerist, drawing inspiration from technology in order to create a new reality that was solely expressed through hypothetical projects.

Although most of Archigram's projects remained unbuilt, its conceptual contribution was considerable. Questioning the Vitruvian notion that buildings need to be static entities, it offered mobile, miniaturised and technologically-rich alternatives. It encouraged us to think about what we really needed from architecture, and about whether the conventional approach was providing us with optimum solutions. '

Their project ?Plug-in City? was a prototype city project that contained capsule like housing that could constantly be added to an enormous super infrastructure. These ideas were represented in section, plan and axonometric and detailed the vast interworkings of this city structure. Through different diagrams they gave detailed descriptions on how the city worked. Paint added a colorful layer to these drawing to give life to what could be seen as sterile drawings. 

Archigram have formed a very influential part of my project, as they have offered me a different perspective into Mobile Architecture. Particularly Plug-In City, Instant city and the Living Pods have related particularly well, as although the projects were never finished, I learnt a lot from the ideology and thinking behind it. The form and colour is also particularly exciting, as the loud colours used attract attention to the interesting forms. 




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