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WEEK 22 - Daily Action Plan




9.00am - Andrew Sides, F101

My interview went well today. It over ran by twenty minutes, but I took this as a good thing as our conversation went really well, and it was much more relaxed than Chelsea was last week. We managed to get through all of my work and spoke quite a lot about my work with Will Alsop, which was really beneficial as it really put a real life approach to why I want to study Architecture at University, and beyond. I managed to answer all questions confidently and got very positive feedback from both Andrew and Amanda, so I felt very good after leaving them, and hope that I get the offer. 



I decided to make a a timeline to investigate how mobile architecture has developed over time in order to understand the future of the mobile environment. I became quickly interested in how the 'information age' has acted as a catalyst for mobile architecture in that it has provided people with a solution to be able to work on the move, as we live our lives through our technology, it is very easy to maintain a life through these platforms. Where in the past we have had to be nomadic due to extreme weather conditions, it may now be considered a luxury. With supermarkets easily available where we used to have to grow our own produce, a sedentary lifestyle has become unnecessary. 


WEDNESDAY 17th February

 Today I spent the day in the library referring back to my bibliography investigating the books in my proposed bibliography looking into the development of mobile architecture was very inspiring and has provided me with a broad foundation on which to build upon, from looking into materials to different uses of mobile architecture, I have a good amount of secondary research to allow me to develop my own personal interest within this topic to explore this idea further.


Thursday 18th February

Today was spent reflecting on my research from this week. I presented all of my research in my research file on workflow, and retrospectively, I selected images and information that I felt were relevant to my idea development, printed these out and put them into my sketchbook. I found this really useful, as it gave me another opportunity to look at my research after I did it, which made me think about things differently. By doing this process all at once, I felt I got the best use out of my research as I narrowed down which ones were more relevant to me, and researched these further, by looking into the subject more deeply, but also by responding to them with drawings in my sketchbook, which was useful in combining  different sources into my own ideas. I will definitely repeat this process at several different points further in, and during the rest of this project. 



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