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MONDAY 14th March

Narrative workshop

Todays workshop gave me a different perspective on my work. Recently I had been thinking about my work quite conceptually and practically without realising that in actual fact, my project had quite a strong narrative story within it, relating to memory, nostalgia and home. I also learnt a lot of new words in relation to this subject that will help me a lot with this project. 


I think looking at another project and trying to see where the narrative lies was useful in that sometimes it was not very obvious without looking up the meaning behind it. With I particularly found that analysing my own project in terms of its narrative was good, as with this in mind, it made me think about how  can make my narrative more obvious. 



After taking part in the narrative workshop, I have thought a lot about how I can make this idea of 'home' and 'sense of place' more obvious in my proposal. And although I would like this to be as obvious as possible, I think creating a home is up to the person/people that live in it, as it is a very personal space, so I think it is best to keep this as in the design process instead of it being immediately obvious to the user. However, when it comes to presenting my final proposal, I would like this to be explained as it is quite key to my idea, therefore I plan to create a small book to go alongside my model at the exhibition or something similar.  

I spent the rest of the day working on my A2 design sheets and updating my sketchbook with printing and sketching. 


Friday 18th March

Today I continued my design development through model making and material exploration as I found this was very useful on Wednesday. But after researching more about materials, I became interested in inflating, hinging and bellowing structures, as these compact really easily, but can be easily erected. 

Using balloons and manipulating copper wires,I created some interesting models. A few of the shapes I created are below. I tried to develop this idea further by filling the balloons with plaster, however the balloons resisted the plaster too much and wouldn't fill up. I then decided it was not necessary to do so. Although, I will take this idea further and look at how these models can inspire my proposal. 



To Do:

  • Update research for hinging/bellowing/inflating.
  • Add photos to sketchbook and develop ideas. 


Today I had planned to continue my design development through model making and material exploration and testing, by looking at form structure and surface. After doing research on collapsible structures, I decided to put this research to test by making my own model in relation to stress, tension and rolling, photos below.



I felt as if my rolling model was a lot more successful than my tensile models, as generally I do not like the form that the tensile models create. I was also surprised by how versatile my rolling model was, as I managed to create many different forms from these which will be very useful for my idea development, as I have lots of examples to work from.

To Do:

  • Print images and put into sketchbook, do drawings for scale 
  • Research other structures with a similar form/material. - Add to workflow

Download Model.mp4.1 [0.67MB]




Today was a bit frightening because Alastair put up a schedule of how many weeks we had left and where we should be within that schedule. At first, I put myself a lot further ahead than I think I should have been. We then had to swap with someone else and analyse where we thought they would be. Through looking at other peoples work and where everyone else was, I realised that although I knew in my head where I was, there was not enough evidence of this in my sketchbook at all. Therefore it seemed that I had not done as much work as I need to at this stage. The feedback I got however was very useful, I will work on every point I received to make my intentions more obvious. 


To do (In relation to feedback received):

  • Add people to my sketches
  • Link ideas to existing buildings with small thumbnail images to add relevance to the idea. 
  • Evidence more idea development in sketchbook.




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