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MONDAY 21 March

Today's workshop was placed at a really good point during this project as I feel as though I have slowed down over the past few days and I have not had a very specific action plan to work from, so to evaluate ourselves at this point was extremely useful. 

When evaluating myself like this usually, I find that k can be quite negative and not focus much on the positives, which usually weighs me down and is quite de motivating. However, to think about things from a more positive perspective also was very refreshing as it made me realise that my everything was bad! 

I found the green hat useful to do before the 20 minutes of drawing as it switched my mind from an analytical space to a more creative one, which allowed me to get as many ideas out as possible. 

The 20 minutes of drawing was particularly valuable as it was the first time I had actually applied my research and concept development into actual ideas/structures/spaces. Although they were quick and sketchy ideas, it acted as a good starting point for future ideas. I will refer back to these when looking more deeply at a possible proposal outcome. 

This workshop also gave me a good plan of action of what to do next. When 'wearing' the blue hat, I looked back over all the other hats and looked at what needed planning, what was missing and what was going well, so that I could make a list of what I need to do moving forward. This is below: 



Tuesday 22nd March


After completing the Hats workshop, I realised that what would probably move me forward was deciding WHO or WHAT I was going to be designing for. I knew I wanted it to solve a problem and not just for the sake of designing something interesting to look at. I made a mind map of current issues in London that I was interested in, and that I felt mobile architecture could potentially help solve. This is below. 





Wednesday 23rd March

After todays tutorial with Laoura, I felt more confident about what I needed to do next as my thoughts moving forward form the hats workshop were confirmed. Laoura suggested I needed to choose who I was designing for and why, in order for me to ultimately design my mobile living unit. 



Thursday 24th March

 I researched a lot into some problems in London that I believe could be reduced or resolved using Mobile Architecture. My research focused mainly on Flooding, as I feel after creating my mind map, this could potentially be a good issue to resolve with climate change and rising water levels being such a current issue. I found out a lot about how flooding on london is a real possibility, some believe it is inevitable. Researching this today has allowed me to move forward with a more solid idea of who or what I could be deigning for, moving me closer to coming up with a design of my mobile living unit. 


Friday 25th March 

After visiting the Creation from Catastrophe exhibition today, the idea of creating an architectural solution to rebuilding homes and communities was truly solidified. It was truly inspiring to learn about projects all over the world that have rebuilt homes from a whole city to just a singular dwelling. I believe that because of this exhibition, my project has taken a turn at this stage.  After a lot of thinking, I have realised that during this project I have been very stuck on the idea of how to create a home, community and sense of place for someone on the move. I found that actually these things are not necessarily physical. They are often concepts created by the people that live there, and are different for every person. This therefore would be difficult to materialise into a physical form. Eventually, instead of looking into how mobile architecture can build a home, I changed direction slightly and I will now focus on how Mobile Architecture can rebuild homes and recreate a sense of place for those affected by disasters.

I feel excited about this new direction and feel that the pace of my work and idea development will increase as I has established who and what I will be designing for. 




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